Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday - Days off = Mess

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Days off or days that you are constantly out and about are breeding grounds for a messy house. You would think that since you are out the house will stay clean. Nope. It seems to have a life of it's own and throws a party with every item that you have while you're away. Even inviting out some things you may have never seen before. Well, that's what I'm tackling today, those mysterious party left overs from the living room and kitchen.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Pictures

Ah yes, that time of year again to dress up the family drive to the mall and take your family photos. The girls all did very well. The pictures turned out so cute! And there is even a family photo that both my husband and I agreed on.

It's very hard to get a 2 year old to sit in a perfect position and smile so that you can take her picture. Sissy did very well considering but after one or two pictures she was done. Thankfully, the one she let us take of her by herself came out so cute!

You see the oddest things out and about while waiting for your pictures to be taken. The family ahead of us had a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. While the little girl was getting her pictures taken the boy was getting into a little mischief. Nothing serious just touching a light switch and opening a door that was a storage closet. But the mother made a threat I have never heard before. She kept telling him that if he didn't stop she was going to take off his shirt. I thought this was interesting and wondered what kind of punishment it was to have his shirt taken off. Finally, he crossed the point of no return and off came the shirt and this boy went berserk! He curled up at his dad's feet crying that he wanted his shirt back on. Back on it went and the tears stopped but I had never seen anything like it. As Pinky Dinky Doo would say, "That's something you don't see everyday."

After our pictures we wandered the mall waiting for them to upload to the store computers so we could make our selections. I think I dread this part more than anything. Of course the lady had to take so many photos of Blue Eyes that made it so hard to choose between them. And ballerina girl did so great in all of her pictures too. You just can't leave any out. Next time we get pictures done once they've taken one good one I'm saying STOP! Makes it easier at the end.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

O Christmas Tree

It's up! We put up our Christmas tree last night. (By the way, this is sort of a rabbit trail, I saw one of those side of the roads tree stands that are everywhere this time of year and they were touting that they were selling "Holiday" trees. What holiday besides CHRISTMAS do we put up CHRISTMAS trees for at this time of year?) We've gone artificial as of last year because of the mess a real one makes. I love the smell of Christmas trees but the mess is too much for me. So I get some nice tree smelling candles. The tree we have is so easy to put up too. Once it was up I couldn't believe that Christmas is already here. Didn't we just start 2007? The years seem to go faster and faster.

I've already gotten some Christmas shopping done. I've gotten a bunch of Turner Tags from Sunthings Charming they're so cute and needed for us moms who need a reminder about protecting our babies and ourselves from the sun. These are for all of my friends and family with little ones. I've also gotten a beautiful custom photo necklace and earring set from Fussypants Designs as a gift for my mother-in-law. I've been enjoying finding all these mommy sites where I can do my shopping at instead of braving the outside world of shopping with my 3 little ones in tow. What great places to shop have you found online?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was great just to spend it with my family and enjoy a 15 minute feast that took me 6 1/2 hours to prepare. LOL Actually, it was kinda fun. I enjoy cooking (hate to clean up) but it was always such a chore in my last kitchen due to space problems. I was always trying to find places to put things or do something and trying to keep from falling over my kids or husband whenever they wandered in at the same time, but not yesterday. With my new kitchen there is plenty of room for more than one person in there! What a novelty! As well as plenty of counter top space. And to top it off on Wednesday, yes that means the day before Thanksgiving, I got my new stove! Since we moved into the new house in late October I didn't have a stove period. Just a blank hole staring at me from between the cabinets. The route we were taking I would have been happy to have a stove or any stove but the stove that I got is a piece of heaven on earth!

My New Stove - Maytag Gemini

This baby made getting all that food ready a snap. I even ended up with a couple hours of down time before we ate. Last year I was working all the way 'til food time and was too tired to eat!

However, even though it's a great stove it can't save food disasters on the part of the cook. My food disaster yesterday was breakfast. I have this recipe for a baked french toast that I found online and saved for later use. It sounds delicious! So the night before I prepared it. But in the final stages of preparation, after I had mixed the liquid and poured it over the french bread and as I was spooning on the brown sugar topping sounds healthy doesn't it I remembered, I forgot the eggs! Ahhh! I was supposed to add 5 eggs to the liquid that I poured over the french bread but I forgot. Well, it was 12:30 am, so I mixed up the eggs and poured it over top crossing my fingers that it would turn out but it wasn't too be. I baked it and the bread was just a complete soggy mass. But it smelled good. LOL

Everything else turned out great from the turkey to dessert. The only things that really went haywire were the kids. Ballerina Girl fell and her hand landed on a nail but just a little bit of it. Sissy fell and her teeth met her lip which caused much bleeding. But then those things happen every week around here.

I hope all of you had as happy a Thanksgiving as I did.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Don't you love multi-purpose items? There are multi-purpose cleaners that will clean any surface in your house, multi-purpose furniture for those of us who are space challenged, multi-purpose toys for kids and tots as they grow up. Well today my tot found that my lip gloss was multi-purpose also.

I was getting ready for the Wednesday night service at our church when I came into the living room and found Sissy, my two year old, with my tube of lip gloss. I quickly gave her a once over but couldn't find any mess so I thought no big deal. I got the tube from her and just as I was putting it back in my purse she says in her two year old way, "I paint my toes, Mommy!" Sure enough, she used my lip gloss for her toe nail polish. Multi-purpose! I tried to get a picture of her toes but alas I couldn't find where I put my camera and she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to look for it.

What items in your house have your children made multi-purpose that you would never even think of?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the
walk while it's still snowing."

I found this while online today and a truer statement has never been said. "Truer" is that even a word? It should probably be more true or something like that. Well, I haven't done a Tackle in forever but here it goes. I'm still in the midst of box and unfinished project land that I still can't see the end in sight but a day at a time things are slowly getting done. Today I'm going to get my kitchen ready for the stoves arrival tomorrow. YAY! I'm also going shopping with my husband to get the downstairs bathroom appliances and furniture so that we can soon have a working bathroom of our own.

Moving Day

The move went fast and furious the men showed up at 8:00am and we were finishedby 3:00pm at the latest. Besides all of the usual mishaps of moving, broken dishes, damaged items, and buried boxes, one incident stands above all the rest. A flying couch.

The guys were taking over their first load of furniture and I went with them so that the furniture would end up where I would like it. We were a fine parade going down the road. First a truck full of furniture including the sofa, then my husband and I in the mini van full of pictures and other fragile items, finally two small pick ups with the rest of the furniture. As we were going my husband and I were talking about where the furniture was going to be placed. I did not want both the couch and the love seat to end up in the living room as it was small but our family room/garage wasn't finished yet and was being used as the box drop off point. Instead of arguing my husband's "we'll see" I decided to keep my mouth shut and let God work things out. And boy did He. Right then the love seat caught the air and flew up and out of the truck. It bounced once on it's side on the side of the road and landed right side up.

I couldn't believe it! Problem solved. We stopped and got out of the van and I was thinking, "Where's my camera?" Thankfully, it never leaves my purse and I was able to capture some of these moments on film. LOL

The guys loaded it back onto the truck and we continued on our journey. We all couldn't believe how high that thing went.

It tried to jump out once more but only slightly and didn't make it. Notice how far away we are from the truck in the above picture. My husband who usually likes to drive fairly close backed way off this time.

The damage done to the love seat was really only on the one side it landed on. But it was enough to send it to couch heaven.

So ended our day of moving.