Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moving Day

The move went fast and furious the men showed up at 8:00am and we were finishedby 3:00pm at the latest. Besides all of the usual mishaps of moving, broken dishes, damaged items, and buried boxes, one incident stands above all the rest. A flying couch.

The guys were taking over their first load of furniture and I went with them so that the furniture would end up where I would like it. We were a fine parade going down the road. First a truck full of furniture including the sofa, then my husband and I in the mini van full of pictures and other fragile items, finally two small pick ups with the rest of the furniture. As we were going my husband and I were talking about where the furniture was going to be placed. I did not want both the couch and the love seat to end up in the living room as it was small but our family room/garage wasn't finished yet and was being used as the box drop off point. Instead of arguing my husband's "we'll see" I decided to keep my mouth shut and let God work things out. And boy did He. Right then the love seat caught the air and flew up and out of the truck. It bounced once on it's side on the side of the road and landed right side up.

I couldn't believe it! Problem solved. We stopped and got out of the van and I was thinking, "Where's my camera?" Thankfully, it never leaves my purse and I was able to capture some of these moments on film. LOL

The guys loaded it back onto the truck and we continued on our journey. We all couldn't believe how high that thing went.

It tried to jump out once more but only slightly and didn't make it. Notice how far away we are from the truck in the above picture. My husband who usually likes to drive fairly close backed way off this time.

The damage done to the love seat was really only on the one side it landed on. But it was enough to send it to couch heaven.

So ended our day of moving.

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