Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was great just to spend it with my family and enjoy a 15 minute feast that took me 6 1/2 hours to prepare. LOL Actually, it was kinda fun. I enjoy cooking (hate to clean up) but it was always such a chore in my last kitchen due to space problems. I was always trying to find places to put things or do something and trying to keep from falling over my kids or husband whenever they wandered in at the same time, but not yesterday. With my new kitchen there is plenty of room for more than one person in there! What a novelty! As well as plenty of counter top space. And to top it off on Wednesday, yes that means the day before Thanksgiving, I got my new stove! Since we moved into the new house in late October I didn't have a stove period. Just a blank hole staring at me from between the cabinets. The route we were taking I would have been happy to have a stove or any stove but the stove that I got is a piece of heaven on earth!

My New Stove - Maytag Gemini

This baby made getting all that food ready a snap. I even ended up with a couple hours of down time before we ate. Last year I was working all the way 'til food time and was too tired to eat!

However, even though it's a great stove it can't save food disasters on the part of the cook. My food disaster yesterday was breakfast. I have this recipe for a baked french toast that I found online and saved for later use. It sounds delicious! So the night before I prepared it. But in the final stages of preparation, after I had mixed the liquid and poured it over the french bread and as I was spooning on the brown sugar topping sounds healthy doesn't it I remembered, I forgot the eggs! Ahhh! I was supposed to add 5 eggs to the liquid that I poured over the french bread but I forgot. Well, it was 12:30 am, so I mixed up the eggs and poured it over top crossing my fingers that it would turn out but it wasn't too be. I baked it and the bread was just a complete soggy mass. But it smelled good. LOL

Everything else turned out great from the turkey to dessert. The only things that really went haywire were the kids. Ballerina Girl fell and her hand landed on a nail but just a little bit of it. Sissy fell and her teeth met her lip which caused much bleeding. But then those things happen every week around here.

I hope all of you had as happy a Thanksgiving as I did.


Real World Martha said...

I have thought about that stove when we get a chance to replace ours. It looks fabulous!

Amy said...

Is that a double oven?! Ohhh... now I'm jealous!