Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Place and Stuff

Ok, so here's the picture of the new house. And by the time we're through with it, hopefully, it will look completely different. The new windows arrived yesterday. (Yay, they came early!) And they are gorgeous! That big front window is going to be replaced by a bay window. The windows are going in on Monday so I will have new pics then.

The only thing about all of this is that I need to start packing. Packing is not fun. I don't know anyone who likes to pack all of their belongings into boxes and move them to another location to unpack them all. However, I will have help with this move. Many friends are already asking to help me pack, praise the Lord!

This morning my 4 year old was carrying around a stuffed lamb and letting me know that she didn't want to leave it behind and that she wanted it to go with us to the new house. I let her know that yes the lamb will go with us and as I turned thought to myself but many of your other stuffed animals and toys may not.

I remember when I was a kid my dad giving me a certain amount of boxes to pack my stuff from my room into when we were moving. And if it didn't fit we didn't take it. Miraculously, I was able to fit all of my prized possessions into the allotted boxes.

I met a lady at a local festival who was very bitter at her father for making her and her brother get rid of all of their stuffed animals due to a family move across country where every box shipped cost the family money. And he wasn't going to pay to have a box of stuffed animals shipped across country. As she shared her story with me I was surprised at how upset she was over this event in her childhood. I've had my fair share of stuffed animals and toys and as a kid would have hated to get rid of them but if my parents did it would have been shed some tears and then forget about it. Maybe bring it up as a guilt trip around Christmastime in the future to score some extra goodies or sympathies but that's about it. ; )

Remembering that lady makes me see what a Stuff Driven Society we are. Have you ever seen those Tshirts "He who has the most stuff wins". We love our stuff. We buy storage spaces to store stuff into that we don't have room for in our garage. Here's an example I found below.
When I start the packing process I am looking forward to getting rid of all the stuff that I have collected over the short time I have been married. Well, I think I've put enough "stuff" into this post. ha ha

Friday, September 7, 2007

New House!

Yay! We got a new house, well, sort of. I haven't been here in awhile due to the new tasks that have come with our acquisition. We signed the papers in July and have been working on the house to make it move in ready ever since. I'll get some pics up later tonight. I am so excited though because today I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!