Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Don't you love multi-purpose items? There are multi-purpose cleaners that will clean any surface in your house, multi-purpose furniture for those of us who are space challenged, multi-purpose toys for kids and tots as they grow up. Well today my tot found that my lip gloss was multi-purpose also.

I was getting ready for the Wednesday night service at our church when I came into the living room and found Sissy, my two year old, with my tube of lip gloss. I quickly gave her a once over but couldn't find any mess so I thought no big deal. I got the tube from her and just as I was putting it back in my purse she says in her two year old way, "I paint my toes, Mommy!" Sure enough, she used my lip gloss for her toe nail polish. Multi-purpose! I tried to get a picture of her toes but alas I couldn't find where I put my camera and she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to look for it.

What items in your house have your children made multi-purpose that you would never even think of?

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