Saturday, November 24, 2007

O Christmas Tree

It's up! We put up our Christmas tree last night. (By the way, this is sort of a rabbit trail, I saw one of those side of the roads tree stands that are everywhere this time of year and they were touting that they were selling "Holiday" trees. What holiday besides CHRISTMAS do we put up CHRISTMAS trees for at this time of year?) We've gone artificial as of last year because of the mess a real one makes. I love the smell of Christmas trees but the mess is too much for me. So I get some nice tree smelling candles. The tree we have is so easy to put up too. Once it was up I couldn't believe that Christmas is already here. Didn't we just start 2007? The years seem to go faster and faster.

I've already gotten some Christmas shopping done. I've gotten a bunch of Turner Tags from Sunthings Charming they're so cute and needed for us moms who need a reminder about protecting our babies and ourselves from the sun. These are for all of my friends and family with little ones. I've also gotten a beautiful custom photo necklace and earring set from Fussypants Designs as a gift for my mother-in-law. I've been enjoying finding all these mommy sites where I can do my shopping at instead of braving the outside world of shopping with my 3 little ones in tow. What great places to shop have you found online?

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Amy said...

I'm with you on the tree name! One of my biggest pet peeves is "holiday greetings" so as not to offend people who don't celebrate the religious part of Christmas. If you don't believe in the "religious part", why on earth are you celebrating Christmas??