Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yard Excavation

Our yard is soon to be excavated. Actually we are hiring someone to come out and level it out. If I had my other computer I would do some nice photos demonstrating the need for it. But alas words will have to do. The front yard is an abnormal hill. It looks like someone dumped extra dirt there in preparation to do a raised yard with a retaining wall but never got around to building the wall. So we are going to get rid of the extra dirt and level out the yard. The backyard is also very uneven.

So many things have been getting done around here lately that have been on the To Do list forever. (My in-laws are coming next week and I think that has something to do with the way my husband has been getting moving on that list.)

After tomorrow (when the bobcat comes) we'll be able to finally finish the fence around our backyard so that I won't be worried when the girls are playing that a stray dog (or person) will just walk in and harm them. YAY!!

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