Thursday, May 8, 2008

Window Mistreatments

I've been turned on to window "mis"treatments by Darla at Beauty Inside and Out. Since I couldn't find any window treatments that I liked for my bay window I decided to "mis"treat them. I'm starting with the some sheers next to the windows themselves. At Walmart I bought 4 white sheer panels,

three sash rods,

and a pack of white hooks.

I put the hooks in the ceiling of the window area, placed the sheers on the rods, and then placed the rods on the hooks by the holes in their ends. It is working quite nicely. I really like how it looks! The only thing I need to fix is the length of the panels. They didn't have the length I needed so I got the next best thing and will fix them when I start sewing lessons in July.

By the way, the yard looks great! It is 98% to how I envisioned it and it will become 100% with a day or two of hard labor. I wanted to take pics before, during, and after but I couldn't find my memory card for my camera. ARGH! I searched everywhere. I'll find it eventually.

1 comment:

Darla said...

You GO with your bad-mistreatin self!

Thanks for the shout out!