Friday, May 2, 2008

Will it ever end?

Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking For those of you that move a lot or are in the military I feel for you. I hate unpacking. We moved into our lovely home at the end of October last year and we are still unpacking. I've gone through quite a few boxes already and there are still more to go through. Most all the boxes I've been through were half filled with stuff I just looked through quickly and was able to have my Honey throw it away. I've got a garage sale box going for the things that we are giving to our Teen Yard Sale at church and a keeper box which gets the stuff that I want to keep but need to file it, put it in its proper place, or whatever needs to be done with it.

Memories are in that box. I found an old business card from when I was in elementary. "JJ's Window Washing Service" We are your car windows best friends My friend Jessica and I ran that one. My cap and gown picture proofs also turned up. Why oh why did I have my hair like that? Wedding memories, college memories, old friends, even some of my dad's really ugly old ties. I was asking my Honey if he wanted some stuff out of a box of clothes I came upon and he started pulling out the ties and saying, "I never wore these." It was then I remembered my Mom gave them to us to see if he wanted any. One of those ties my Mom had been trying to get rid of forever but it always turned back up in my Dad's closet. Turns out he had more than one. LOL I think I'll be wrapping them up and giving them to him for Father's Day.

One box had me laughing, it was filled with food from our pantry! We just popped it open to see what was in it and there was an unopened bag of Ruffles Cheddar Cheese chips. I told my husband, "Look they haven't been opened!" To which he replied, "The date on those says December!" LOL So up to the kitchen that box went so I can go through it thoroughly.

Well, break time is over I must get back to my boxes as well as making dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

It is tough especially when you have little ones around. Hope you can finish that job off soon.

Darla said...

We move a lot (we build houses on the side - on the side of WHAT I don't know, but we do move a LOT).

Sometimes we have to rent a house while we're waiting to get into the next house - like for 2 mos. Oh that's fun.

Anonymous said...

New to The Mom Blogs and came across your blog.
I noticed several things that caught my attention. :o} -- Dr. Jack Trieber? I am a Hyles Anderson grad and know his name very well! :)
Cute site!