Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Golden Birthday!

Today is my GOLDEN Birthday! I turn 26 this March 26th. Everyone says you're supposed to make this one very special so I have declared this whole week to be my Birthday week in our house. It is the festival of Jennifer! lol

My husband has some lovely things planned for us both on Thursday and Friday that I am really looking forward to!!

My ideal Golden Birthday party would have everyone I love attending with a Golden Birthday Cake done by Charm City Cakes. Decorations would have gold everywhere, gold ballons, gold streamers, gold confetti, and even a gold pinata! ok I have no idea how to get the ~ over the "n"

But since I don't have a fortune to spend on that kind of party I'll go for one with my girls. Like last years Disney Princess Party they threw for me, party favors included!


Tammy said...

Well, happy birthday! :-) I have never heard the 26th birthday as being the golden birthday, so I guess I missed out on that one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jennifer!

Heather said...

Happy birthday, Jennifer! Hope you had a great day, er, I mean week! I think all birthdays should be week long festivals anyway, not just for golden birthdays. (We called them magic birthdays when I was growing up.)

Have a blessed day!

Julie Fink said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! I pray that you enjoy a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated Bday!! I've never heard of a golden birthday before but I turn 26 this year so i'll have to play it up :) My husband usually takes me to a movie and nice dinner. This year I'd like to see a classical concert.


Darla said...


Have fun "mistreating" your window treatments today. I hope you post some pics. ;)

Darla said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Coldwater Creek sale + 40% off - I just got $812 worth of clothing for $185!!!!!

I just did a post on here (i gave you some link love):