Monday, March 24, 2008

The End of the Whirlwind

Wow, this Easter weekend has been the busiest weekend I've ever had. On Friday, my husband wanted to finish installing the ceiling fan/light in the dining room so he and his friend started at 9:00am. However, it wouldn't work. "Mr. Z" (the friend actually doing the work) went back up to the attic 3 times before I decided to try the kitchen lights and see if they work. (Earlier in the week we were having problems with them not working) And sure enough they weren't working which is why the fan wasn't working either. That was around noon when they discovered the problem wasn't the actual fan. So they tried everything to figure out how to get the lights in the kitchen to work. It wasn't until 3:00pm that they decided to try an actual electrician but by that time due to the holiday weekend nobody would return our calls and the only one that did wouldn't come out until Monday morning. (Did I mention my parent's were due to arrive at 5:00pm?) Finally at 4:00pm another friend of ours came over and within 2 minutes fixed the problem. It was a bad circuit breaker. He just switched the wires to a new breaker.

Thankfully, I didn't have much to do in getting ready for my parent's. Their room was ready for them and I had kept the house pretty clean over the week so not much cleaning to do. We had such a good time with them and I really enjoyed them staying with us. It will be even better when there are 2 bathrooms but we made do.

On Saturday we had a big BBQ and Easter Egg hunt for some families with small children from our church. Again my honey got up early and got us a grill then took off for Saturday visitation. My dad stayed at the house and put it together while my mom and I took the girls shoe shopping for Easter Sunday. Have you noticed a decline in Easter dressy dresses? We went to 3 different stores before we found shoes for only 1 child. Then we went grocery shopping for the rest of the needed items for the BBQ. Everyone showed up and had a great time. It all ended around 5:00. My parents offered to watch the girls so my honey could take me out for some quiet time and to celebrate my birthday. It's on Wednesday if you didn't know. While out we found shoes for Sissy for her Easter dress. I wanted to get a new dress but no luck with the stores in our town. I couldn't even find shoes to go with an outfit I already had that would be good for Easter. So we ended up at Starbucks drinking coffee and talking. It was a nice relax time from the busy day.

Sunday, Easter Sunday, the girls looked so cute!! My mom took all the pictures. It was such a great service! We had a lot of visiting families in church. Afterwards we did our own BBQ with just us. It was really nice! After the Sunday evening service the ladies of the church gave me a surprise party and roses. They are just the sweetest! I am so blessed! My parents took off after the party and drove home. We had a quiet evening but boy were my honey and I tired. I am definitely using up the last of my spa gift certificate this week!


Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a busy but nice weekend! :-)

Julie Fink said...

So glad that you enjoyed a nice Easter day and that your fan got installed :)! To everything there is a process, isn't there?