Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Wonderful Birthday and other things

Ok I know this has been a while in coming but it's been one week now since my Golden Birthday and it's time to fill in the details about all that went on.

On the day of my Golden Birthday (and for those of you that think I just turned 50 a Golden Birthday is one where you turn the same number as your birthdate. Example I turned 26 on March 26th) my wonderful honey was sick. Yay such fun! I started to get a yucky attitude about it but hey there was nothing he could do about it. He had already had someone ready to watch our little ones so that he could take me out for a birthday lunch so I kept that date and used it to go get my haircut. My hair really needed it. I love the lady who I've found to do my hair. Joy is such a "joy" LOL She does a wonderful job and I love her prices! My wonderful honey then would not let me go out by myself for lunch so he dragged himself out of bed and we picked up our little ones and went to lunch. It didn't last long though for he looked a little green around the gills still and Sissy was in much need of a nap.

Finally Thursday came and it really started! (Remember I said it had been declared "the week of Jennifer") We dropped the little ones off again and headed to a beautiful coastal town and stayed at a luxurious hotel (that charged us for parking!? don't get me started on that one) and had a wonderful time! We shopped til we dropped literally. My honey spoiled me rotten. Wherever I wanted to go and whatever I wanted to get or eat he made no bones about it. I'm so lucky! We had a really wonderful time and I so enjoy getting away with him once in a while.

We didn't get back home until the evening on Friday and we were tired. Blue Eyes was so thrilled to see me she didn't want anyone else to hold her but me. I loves her. She's so precious.

Today I got word of my last birthday present. It's from my parents. Ballerina Girl asked Grandma if she could get me rollerskates for my birthday so I could go skating with her (they bought her some for Christmas). My mom couldn't say no of course and she ordered some through Walmart and I must needs go and pick them up tomorrow. She actually bought roller skates. I was thinking of roller blades when I originally planted the idea in Ballerina Girl's head at Christmastime but we'll have fun no matter what.

*Sorry about the lack of pics. I couldn't find my camera before we left.


Lalena said...

Happy Birthday :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy Golden Birthday!

kari & kijsa