Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ladies Bible Study

Tonight was our first Ladies Bible Study. We had 18 in attendance. Praise the Lord! I rushed it a little but I was trying to get the ladies home sooner rather than later due to the busy week we all had are having.

Our Bible study series is A Woman and Her Walk with God. I was graciously given permission to use these lessons by Julie Fink at Living by Grace. She has them available for download on her ladies ministry website Ladies of Grace. Tonights lesson was Walking in the Light of Life from John 8:12.

Have you ever felt like you were going through life blind-folded? Are you always worrying about every decision you make being the right one, overloading yourself with stress? What about when troubles and trials come? Do you have sleepless nights and that sick feeling in your stomach, that feeling of dread? Let me tell you I'm the first to raise my hand! Me, me, me, I have! The reason for these symptoms is very simple. I wasn't walking in the Light of life. That Light that only comes when I'm walking with my Savior. I was walking in darkness.

God is our light and was the light for many in the Bible.
*Scroll over references for full verse.

God also gave that light to Jesus, His Son.

To get His light we need to seek to follow Him in the every day details in our lives. As we seek to follow Jesus, He will illuminate 3 things for us:

  1. The truth that we need to know in order to make the right kinds of decisions in our lives.

  2. The direction that we will need to go as we journey along life’s paths.

  3. The security that we will want to feel as we experience heartache and pain as we deal with people and experiences in our everyday lives.

(Psalm 27 is such a good read especially when something has you down or worried. And I love the 3 verses right after it in the list.)

To obtain these three things we need to walk with God His way. It can't be, "Jesus, I love you but I want to do things my way." It must be His way. One simple way to start walking with Him is to spend time with Him daily in prayer and Bible reading. If you aren't doing this little step, start today!


Tammy said...

That sounds like a great study!

Julie Fink said...

What a good turnout you had! May God continue to bless you as you lead these dear ladies along!