Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pictures Are Fun

I love to take photos. I love to "mess around" with photos in any photo software I can get my hands on. I am by no means a professional. I need all the help I can get. So when I was browsing today trying to do some research on some different cameras that might make it a little easier to take nicer pictures I came across this article: Tips for Using a Point & Shoot Camera. It inspired me to check out some different things on my camera that I could change to make my pictures better.

Here is one example of how it helped out.

This is a picture of my girls room which I finally cleaned today (pay no mind to the pile of clothes on the bed.) As you can see it came out pretty yucky.

Now, after changing one of the settings on my camera here is how it turns out. Not perfect but much better!

Now I finally know what to do for all those pictures that would come out so dark in our church auditorium. I'm looking forward to playing around a little more with different things and settings.

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