Tuesday, January 15, 2008

?? Question ??

When you have nothing to blog about should you blog about nothing?

I ponder this question as I sit here tonight in front of my keyboard with really nothing to say yet I am saying something. Today was an average day. I was able to get out of the house for a little while without my little ones. Stopped at Staples and finally was able to get my 2007 family letters printed up. We were having all sorts of problems with the size of the file.

Then I made a stop at Michaels, we now have one in our town, Yippee! No more traveling to get to one. They still had a lot of Christmas decor on sale and I bought some. I also purchased a gorgeous Christmas arrangement that I never would have dreamed of getting because of the original price. I purchased some calendars that were dirt cheap to make some calendar envelopes. I thought it would be a fun thing to do with Ballerina Girl for Valentine's Day cards. I also bought a lot of yarn. I am going to try and make an afghan. It'll be red, white and blue. The book advertises "Afghans in a day" but I figure it'll take me until the 4th of July.

Last stop was at the grocery store. I told the girls I'd stop and bring home some cookies but I thought, "Hey, I have just about everything I need to make cookies." So I just picked up some more sugar and eggs. I grabbed a box of Ritz crackers to use for a casserole I'm going to make tomorrow with the leftover chicken from my chicken-stuffed dumplings. And then I headed out (yes, of course I paid).

When I got home Ballerina Girl was in her ballerina outfit. She and Sissy were role-playing from a cartoon they watch "Angelina Ballerina". We promptly started making cookies. Ballerina Girl bugged me constantly to lick the spoon. But we finally accomplished our goal and cookies were enjoyed by all 30 minutes later. They were a little flat but I think it's from the extra egg I added. Won't do that again.

Now I sit here at my keyboard looking at a long page of something when I thought I had nothing to blog about. Good night!

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