Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Phone

Well, it's sort of a new phone, let's just say it's a new phone for me. I've been without a cell phone for 8 months now and it really doesn't bother me. Ok, it only bothers me though when I want to get ahold of my husband and I can't because I'm out and about with no phone. I looked into buying a new one but that's where the phone companies make their money. Cha-ching! There are no deals unless you want to upgrade your phone plan. And boy those free little phones they give you when you sign up all of a sudden cost $200+.
A friend of ours gave me this old one they weren't using anymore. No special flashy things. No pictures, no bluetooth capabilities, no mp3's, it's just a phone. I really don't need any of those things anyway (ok maybe the bluetooth when I'm on the road especially with our ladies conference trip up and coming). I'm very thankful that they let us have this phone but I am on the lookout for what I would like as an upgrade when we do need to change our plan.

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