Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Mystery

I was awakened by two children, their little faces so cherubic, their little voices so innocent. "Please, Mommy, can we have some oatmeal?", is what they were saying. There was something different about them, about the way they looked but my mind in it's just above comatose state was not connecting the dots. I went up the stairs to the bathroom when I saw it. The horror of it made me scream out in terror! I saw... this...

It was like a cold bucket of water had hit my face and I was immediately awake. All the pieces fell into place and I knew.
It was Ballerina Girl in the Bathroom with the Scissors.


Dusten, Sarah, Emma & Caleb said...

I know just what you have gone through. My three year old daughter thought it would be fun to cut her bangs with baby fingernail scissors.

If you would like to see her handy work please visit our blog @

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Hi Jennifer! I wanted to let you know you won my bloggy carnival giveaway of the book The Greatest Love Stories Ever Told. You can e-mail me at barbarah06 [at] gmail [dot] com to tell me where to send your book. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it!

Leslie said...

How funny. I saw the picture and gasped and then laughed. We have friends whose dauhgter did that. She had no bangs for a while.

They are still very beautiful girls with no bangs. They probably thought they did a great job. If it was my girls I would not be happy though.