Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Purse

My friend over at Tammy's Times has done something.....great, Ballerina Girl, who is supposed to be taking a nap, has just fallen off of her bed while jumping on it and hit her head on her train table. At the same time Blue Eyes picks now to start a crying solo. Ballerina Girl's nose bled just a little but she has a wallopin' good sized knot on her forehead. I don't believe there is a concussion though. Well, at least she won't be jumping on her bed anymore, hopefully. I believe experience is the best teacher for some things with my children. If it's something that is not life threatening I usually will let them find out for themselves the consequences of their actions. All the while we are trying to console Ballerina Girl, Sissy is in her crib being a ham. Honking her baby dolls nose and doing some more plugged nose solos, she thinks she is the life of the party.

....back to my original post. As I was saying my friend over at Tammy's Times has posted about what's in her purse. She challenged us to find out what's in our own purses so here is mine.

It took me about a month to actually start using this purse. It can hold alot. Which is a very bad thing for me. Because I tend to fill my purse to bursting with stuff.

Sorry about the dark picture. The items are numbered from 1 to 26.

  1. 3 Church Bulletins
  2. 2 Gum Wrappers
  3. 1 Wadded up napkin
  4. A bag of candy, smarties and a rootbeer hardcandy
  5. 2 Pictures of kids in our church
  6. 1 Picture colored by Ballerina Girl in church
  7. Crayons used to color the picture
  8. Cortaid Creme for Blue Eyes heat rash
  9. Lip Stuff, Blistex complete moisture, Bare Minerals Soft Romance, Mary Kay Lip Gloss
  10. Car Wash card
  11. Bug and Burn First Aid kit I won in Adult Sunday School
  12. Checkbook and receipts
  13. Address of a Bible college student from our church
  14. 3 packs of those little gel thingies in the stuff you buy that they tell you not to eat
  15. A Vons member card
  16. M&M's and the containers they came in of course they came out of the containers and were at the bottom of my purse
  17. Tide To Go (It didn't work on ketchup stains for me like it did on the commercial)
  18. The Bible I take to Church
  19. My Wallet
  20. Happy Meal toys my girls just got at the Birthday party.
  21. Church Tracts
  22. Hair bow
  23. Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter
  24. Ice Breakers Ice Cube Gum
  25. A box of chicken nuggets that I brought home from the Birthday Party
  26. Decision Cards

Whew! That's everything! If you have any questions regarding any of the items in my purse please leave me a comment. If you would like to join in the fun visit Tammy's Times and post a comment there.

*Edited to say that there were actually 27 things. My camera was in my purse but due to obvious reasons it was not in the picture. :0)


Tammy said...

Wow, your purse holds more than mine. =)

LOL @ the chicken nuggets in your purse!

Have a great Sunday!

laundrylessons said...

Too funny. This is exactly why I carry a small purse. Wouldn't want a nugget to roll out when I pay at the grocery store!

Calfkeeper said...

Hi, found you on Dawn's blog. I loved this one...the chicken nuggets made me laugh!
I carry a small purse to avoid this problem...but then again I have a diaper bag for my little one to haul around now.


Tori said...

Oh how funny, I really enjoyed this one. I guess I'll have to do this too. Oh yea are those fresh nuggets or antiques???

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

LOL! Chicken Nuggets. That's great.