Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday Party Fun

Fun things happen at birthday parties or should I say funny things. Especially when it's a party with 4 year olds and below. The party I went to today with my 3 girls was held for a little guy turning 4. The only thing is he was the only male party member. His party was attended solely by girls (except for his little brother who is 1). I told his mom to get a picture of him with them all because as a teenager he'll want it framed. His mom is the only one supplying our church with boys.
I spent most of the party watching my 2 year old, Sissy. She is sort of a loner and there was a group of soccer kids there that were a little too much for her. It was funny watching what she would do next. They had those great paper crowns that they hand out and hers kept falling down over her eyes. After most of the older kids cleared out of the play place she got up enough courage and actually went up into the massive maze.
Kids birthday parties never go as planned. No matter how organized or well planned it is the kids always have the last say. Especially when it comes to the presents. They don't sit there and open them one by one while all their little friends ooh and ah. They open one and then want to start playing with it. Then all the little friends jump out of their seats and crowd around trying to open up other presents or want to start playing with the present the birthday boy has just opened. Myself and another mother were discussing this at the party comparing todays party to the one she herself hosted for her little girl only a couple of months ago at the same McDonalds.
After 2 and 1/2 hours of fun, sugar, and fast food we went home. Yay! Of course the kids don't want to go home though. Thank you, Lord, for wonderful church family. I made it back to my van with the help of a lady and teen girl from our church. When the van doors shut though I announce, "Nap time for EVERYONE when we get home!" While I was trying to unbuckle Sissy from her seat she kept singing while holding her nose closed. Why? I guess she like the sound it made.
Right now I am listening to the beautiful silence of 3 children in their beds. My oldest, Ballerina Girl, is not asleep yet. She's playing with her newly acquired balloon that will eventually lose it's lifting powers over the next couple of days and wind up on the floor of my living room until I trip over it for the last time and put it out of it's misery. The other two, Sissy and Blue Eyes have now fallen asleep and I have some precious time of quiet. Thank you, Lord!

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laundrylessons said...

You are so right, birthdays are fun but exhausting! I like it when they get a bit older and you can say, "We'll take you and two friends to the movies or out to dinner..." But it is fun to watch the little ones wear themselves out!

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