Friday, May 4, 2007

All Cleaned Up

YAY! It's now Celebration Station instead of Procrastination Station. I did it. The carpets are now clean! I can't believe the transformation. I'm sorry now that I didn't take any before pictures of how bad it was. The gentleman who cleaned our carpets did a great job and got out a lot of spots that I thought would never come out. The only problem is now I am paranoid and I do not want to get this carpet like it was. So I am keeping on top of the girls and making sure they keep all stain related items at the table. I have a feeling though that my biggest mess maker is not any of the females that live in this house. So I'll be keeping a closer eye on him as well. LOL

I just love that feeling of accomplishment and the free feeling as if a burden has been lifted. The house even looks cleaner with a clean carpet. I am not going to put down my area rugs until tomorrow morning just to make sure it all dries good. It was raining here today so the air is very damp. Not great for trying to dry your carpets.

Because of this I spent the day out today. I am ready to fall over though. I am definitely going to bed early tonight. Have a great night everyone.


Mishel said...

Hey Jennifer! Miss you--hope all is well! : )

Elizabeth F. said...

I'm a checklist person. I love the feeling of accomplishment! There's nothing I like better than to feel like my whole house is clean all at the same time. Yes, carpets can make your house feel dirty even if you have vacuumed. A couple years ago we got new carpet. It was so wonderful. What a difference it made. Even if the house was messy it still felt clean.

Love your blog!