Friday, April 27, 2007

Procrastination Station

It has been so much easier keeping up with the house after my mom came through and organized a lot of my stuff. Some things that she did I am still finding out about and then think to myself, "What a great idea why didn't I think of that!" However the one thing that has been getting put off and off is getting the carpets cleaned.

My carpets are AWFUL and they are in desperate need of a cleaning. (Which is why in my next house no more carpet!) My mom found a company to clean the carpets and even gave us the money to have them done but I've had to reschedule it twice now! So they are now rescheduled for this coming Friday I am determined to not procrastinate any further. (Lord willing.)


Tammy said...

I like my wood floors! But I have to say that a little carpet would be nice in the main area, because the dust bunnies like to take over my house!!!

Tammy said...

(We do have carpet in the bedrooms though. Eventually we'd like to replace it, because the previous owners didn't take very good care of it.)

AND how nice of your mom to pay for the carpet cleaning!