Saturday, March 31, 2007

Smart Habits Saturday


This week was not so good for my habits. : ( But today I am going to roll up my sleeves and jump right in again. As some of you have seen I am a part of Fly Lady and one of my favorite quotes is, "You are not behind. Jump in where you are."

There are only 2 weeks left until my due date and I keep seeing many things around the house that need to be finished before this baby gets here. So this week will stay busy with little projects going on around the house.

Good luck to everyone else involved with Smart Habits Saturday!


Tammy said...

I like that quote! I tried Fly Lady for a while, but I hated all the e-mails. LOL

Wow, only two weeks? Have fun getting things ready for your wee one!

Mishel said...

I agree with Tammy...what a great quote and I also tried Fly Lady, but the emails were too much. I did learn a lot of great tips that were very helpful.

Kassie said...

Wow, two weeks. That's when I sit and say "I'm too tired to do anything." Good for you for keeping at it. Good luck this week on getting things ready for your baby.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I have never heard that quote before, but I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, I didn't realize you were due so soon. Good luck with everything!