Friday, March 23, 2007

Me Time Today and Family Time

My husband is such a blessing to me! He lets me have my "Me Time" and watches the girls for me without complaint. Right now my "Me Time" has been going and getting my nails done. I never did this as a teen and thought it was a waste of money but now I've found it's a nice relaxing pampering session. After my nails are done I browse around the store they have in their salon. They are adding new stuff all the time.

After I came home we went to the Verizon store to get our cell phone plan straightened out. And while there I got my first Bluetooth. My 3 year old wanted me to open my mouth and show her my "Blue tooth". LOL ! We had a good time as a family today.

The Lord just blesses us every single day with these precious times. He was very gracious to me as a mother this morning with an incident which I am waiting for a "Worst Parent Contest" to share it with. Maybe I'll post it later. I'm not sure yet. lol

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness to us each day.

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Rosie said...

We all have "Worst Parent Contest Winner" stories that we would rather not share! Give it time, it might become funny!
Isn't it crazy that we need so much motivation to actually get the laundry and dishes done. I would love to just have them done without really using much thought process to do it!