Monday, March 10, 2008

A Beautiful Day

The weather has been so wonderful lately!! Yesterday after morning service and the girls were in bed for their afternoon naps I took a book I just started on outside to read. I enjoyed it so much I did it again today with my devotions. It's much more peaceful on the street we live on now compared to where we just came from. At our old house there was a busy road right behind our house and it always had cars zooming back and forth on it. Not too great of a spot for peace and quiet. But today while I was reading I very much enjoyed the sounds of nature rather than that of man.

When I was done the girls came out to join me and we had such fun. My husband's day off is on Monday so we all ended up outside playing tag with spray bottles. I love our new yard it is such a nice size for us. I'm looking forward to when it will really be complete. It just needs to be leveled out and some grass planted in some very bare spots.

We have a friend who is helping us get our yard looking nice. And I finally emailed him what I would like in that little strip of yard next to the street where our mailbox is. Currently that area is like this:

(Ewww, thankfully that carpet is long gone! But the outside pretty much looks the same.)

We have a rather large strip of ground to fill in (just erase the truck in your mind and delete the dumpster) and if you can see the neighbor's (across the street) strip of land, that's the look I'm going for, minus the rocks. Except with these choices:

Some beautiful daylilies...

and red bark.


Tammy said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start with the bulldozer! ;-)

There are sooooooooo many daylilies grown around here and I do not care for them. They only bloom a small portion of the year, and the rest of the time they are just big blobs of grass. And then after it freezes, the grass part all dies out. Bleh. They're hard to weed, and they multiply like crazy. If you don't dig them up and seperate them, they get super compacted and look yucky after a few years. So I dug all mine up and tossed them out! We still have some but they are on the hill behind our garage. I try not to look at them when I'm back there. LOL

However, that is how they grow HERE, so they may grow completely different THERE. *Grin* Don't let my little tangent keep you from growing something you'll love! :D

Heather said...

I have lariope (sp?) in my front area and it looks great. In another year or so, the entire area will be filled in. Just a suggestion, although I do like day lilies too.


Julie Fink said...

Happy almost Spring to You!

Tery said...

Would I love to read a book outside by myself with no distractions. Heaven and Earth!