Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Sale and A Dream Come True

After Church tonight I went with our Youth Leader's wife, her sister, and two teen girls to Mervyn's for a super sale that they were having. Their clearance racks were buy one get 2 free! One of the teen girls who needed some new clothes got armloads of stuff for under $50!! While the sales I took advantage of were not nearly that good they were good enough. I ended up buying my husband some new shirts that he really needed and some stuff that I really needed. There was one pair of shoes that was dressy casual but they weren't on the sale that I was looking for so back they went.

It happened!

Today all my dreams came true as we drove up to the house the mail lady was leaving and there on my door step was $1,000,000 THE package. The package that I knew had to contain my (cue the angel choir) Pink Lemonade Boutique Bag that I've been wanting for a long, long, very long, oh and did I say long? time.

Following are pictures of that beautiful bag.

There are so many different fabrics to chose from but I finally after a couple of hours of decision making decided on this one.

It has 3 very nice sized pockets on the inside.

For an example on how roomy they are I've put my wallet in one of them. My wallet is big and it fits very nicely inside!!

Finally, here I am stylin' my new bag!!

(Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited?)

I had it with me at Church tonight and they were on me like vultures the excited ladies they were. I knew I told people about how cute these bags are and how much I wanted one but I didn't realize it was that many! One after another, "Ooooo, is that the bag you were talking about? How cute!"

I'm already loving this bag like I knew I would. It can carry all the stuff that I take everywhere, diapers, baby food, kitchen sink, wallet, Bible for Church, small children, pens, hand sanitizer, refrigerator, and anything else I might have with me at the time.

I also have one more thing that I'm expecting but it hasn't arrived yet but I'll let you know when it does!


Heather said...

What a sale!! I need to keep my eyes open for stuff like that.

And what a bag!! I like it that you can carry small children in it! LOL!

A great sale, an awesome bag, who says we need a lot to be happy?

Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags said...

Thank you Jennifer for doing such a sweet feature on your new tote! I am so glad you are happy with it and that it helped make your day!!! Caroline