Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny Happenings and Sissy

Yesterday some funny things happened that have to do with my children (who else) particularly one. We were having a nice evening. I had gotten all my counters cleaned off with thanks to Home Sanctuary and the little thing of the day. I made a simple dinner of meatloaf. And as we were getting ready to go to Wednesday evening prayer meeting at church I heard some strange sounds coming from the bathroom. You see, I gave my youngest, Blue Eyes, a bath after dinner and I only fill the tub a couple of inches for her. Well, Sissy, has this fatal attraction to water. So I guess while reaching in to play with the water she got stuck. When I found her she kept saying, "I stuck, mommy!" I could not resist this moment and grabbed my camera (she was in no danger of drowning her head wasn't even touching any water which like I said was only at most 3 inches deep) and snapped a couple pictures. Here are the results:

I promptly helped her up (after the pictures of course) and all was well.

Then last night (or early this morning) my husband and I have our bedroom downstairs while the kids are all upstairs. I was awakened by a noise in our room. It was about 3 or 4 in the morning I am not really sure but the second time I heard the noise I knew what it was. Toys. The girls have most of their toys in half of our room as a sort of play room until we are able to get the family room finished in the garage. I promptly jumped up and woke my husband and stated, "Honey, there's someone in here!" (profound I know) For the record, we have found a racoon in the house before but that was due to a door being left open. At this time I had no idea what the intruder could be. The light finally adjusted and lo and behold... it was Sissy again. She had woken up made her way downstairs in the very dark house (no lights were on when I got up this morning) and started playing with her toys. So I invited her to our bed where she promptly fell asleep again. *Sigh* Never a dull moment with children.

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