Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby Cleaner and Toddler Woes

Who needs a Roomba when you have an automatic floor cleaner built into your baby just suit her (or him) up in their new micro-fiber pjs and Wa La! Floors clean in seconds! lol

Does anyone else have problems getting their 2 year old to take medicine or is it just me. She absolutely refuses to take it. When I'm able to get her to take it she throws it all up. There are some interesting tidbits and helps I've found online though most of them are a before you've made them hate medicine remedy and it's a little late for that for me. When she sees it in the room she's suspicious already.

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Kim said...

My husband & I disguise in a bottle or sippy cup with just a tad bit water or juice. We've done this with our 2 daughters and our 2 yr.old son (usually when they are in another room.

( buy the way my name is Kim and I found your blog through Mrs. Julie Fink. I'm a member of Grace Baptist Church of Lockport. Take Care.