Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Family Time with the Elephant Seals

Mondays are our family days so we decided to take the girls to see the Elephant Seals. We had a lot of fun. The drive was beautiful up the coast and the girls were great on the trip. According to the Friends of the Elephant Seal website the beach was full of female and young juvenile seals. Of course as I was running out the door, I forgot my camera so I got no pictures of the girls and the seals. The pictures above as you can tell by the datestamp are pictures I took when my husband and I took a drive on Hwy 1. There were not as many elephant seals as there were on Monday. My 1 year old was having a blast copying their sounds and my 3 year old kept wanting to go and play on the beach. I love taking trips to different places with my family. I wonder where we will go next Monday.


Kathy said...

It is so cool that you live close enough to go visit the seals! Being in a land locked state, I can't even imagine having an outing like that. It must be amazing to experience up close. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Cute! We saw elephant seals along Hwy 1 when we were in California at Christmas time. Elephant seals aren't quite so cute. ;-)