Thursday, March 22, 2007

Excitement Comes in Cans

Tonight was fun. We had been invited to a church member's house to watch the UCLA/PITT game and have dinner. We took both of our girls with us. Even though this was not a "kid friendly" house they did very well.

The evening was very enjoyable with a total of 9 adults and the 2 children and it went along without any mishaps. Until... lol (of course there has to be an until) the very end of the evening when my 3 year old was playing with some soda cans at the breakfast bar. Now she was being supervised. One of the ladies there who is a grandma was playing with her. They were building a castle. That's what my daughter calls anything she stacks together. And sure enough, I could see it from where I was sitting, the castle fell down. One unfortunate soda can fell all the way to the floor effectively causing the pressure to punch a hole in the can. Then it continued to bounce and roll across the kitchen floor spraying Diet Sprite everywhere. (Thankfully it went into the kitchen and not the other way into the living room with the carpet.) I jumped from the table and as I was chasing after the erupting soda can I could feel my shoes slipping beneath me and all of my 9 months expectant self came landing down on my backside on the floor with the soda spraying all over me.

Not really. That would have been a hilarious ending but thankfully it didn't end that way. Let's go back to I jumped from the table grabbed the can in my hands to stop the spraying and took it to the sink where I let it's eruption subside. By that time we all were laughing and placing the blame on our host for the can being defective because it was old.

The can always count on your kids to bring excitement to any party.

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Tammy said...

Oh dear, what a mess! But it must have been kind of funny to see that soda spraying everywhere! LOL